Mia Terra Mentors

Bill Boyle

Bill Boyle-ColorBill Boyle is an award winning screenwriter who has become one of the most popular script consultants in the industry and has consulted on nearly 1,000 screenplays. Creative Screenwriting Magazine rated him among the top 10% of screenwriting consultants. He lectures at universities and film schools throughout Canada and the United States, has taught at UCLA Extensions and is quickly gaining a worldwide following, with clients in North America, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom. Bill distinguishes himself from most of the other screenwriting gurus in that he also maintains a successful screenwriting career. Films based on his screenplays have received multiple awards and recognition. Learn more.

Bibi Caspari

Bibi 2013.aBibi Caspari is a personal development coach, a performance artist in mime, dance and movement, and an actress (Quest for Fire, Circle of Two and Sealed with a Kiss). She has performed internationally on stage, in television, in film and as a soloist with her company, Caspari and Company Mime Dance Theater. She has taught movement, mime and improvisation to children and adults, amateurs and professionals.

As a consultant in the personal development field, Bibi has taught presentation and communication skills to professionals and other business people. Her diverse professional background in personal development, production, writing and the performing arts has contributed to her experiential learning and broadened her perspective. Along with her studies in the movement arena, she has explored the human growth potential movement and personal development. These two areas came together in her teaching when she realized that people’s resistances kept them from learning. Learn more.

Geoff Harris

Geoff HeadshotGeoff Harris was Vice President of Story and Writer Development at NBC, where he honed his skill for developing writers and scripts for twelve years. In that role, which spanned NBC’s most prosperous and creatively thriving years, he managed the network’s Story Department, discovered talented new writers, and collaborated in the development of primetime shows, including comedies, dramas, movies and mini-series. As a screenwriting consultant, teacher and freelance writer, Geoff has taught TV writing workshops sponsored by ABC and NBC for more than a decade, including an annual workshop for Latino writers held in Los Angeles. Several of his students have gone on to staff positions on primetime TV shows, including “NCIS,” “Grimm,” and the reboot of “Full House.” Learn more.

Heather Hale

heather-hale-bio_creatorHeather Hale is a multi-award-winning independent film and television director, screenwriter, author, producer and force of nature! An approved independent producer for NBC Universal, she was pre-qualified by the International Film and Television Alliance, the non-profit that runs the American Film Market and served as their Industry Liaison in 2013. Her book “How to Work the Film & TV Markets” was recently published by Focal Press.

She directed, produced and co-wrote Absolute Killers starring Edward Furlong (Terminator 2), Ed Asner (Up, Lou Grant) and Meat Loaf Aday (Fight Club, Rocky Horror Picture Show). Her 50 hours of award-winning television productions include: The Courage to Love (2000), the $5.5 million dollar Lifetime Original Movie she sold off of a spec screenplay after attaching Vanessa L. Williams to star opposite Diahann Carroll, Gil Bellows and Stacy Keach. Learn more.

Jay Speyerer

Jay SpeyererJay Speyerer has been a speaker, a writer, a trainer, and an educator for more than 30 years, successfully helping people achieve their goals in memoir writing, book publishing, email issues, cross-cultural communication, and presentation skills. Owner of Legacy Road Communications, Jay ghost-writes people’s biographies because he believes we are defined by our stories. Abducted as an infant and raised by a clowder of feral house cats, his story telling skills were solidly established at an early age. Now he helps others tell their stories. What happened to you — good and bad — and how did you deal with it? Those are stories. Collect enough of them and you have a memoir. Learn more.