Bibi Caspari

Bibi is nothing less than spellbinding. Her artistic fluidity and embodiment of story makes her not only memorable, but a top pick of a dancer I delight to watch over and over and over again. If you get the chance, don’t miss the inspiration of Bibi. You will feel awakened in your cells as she weaves both powerful and nuanced movements that are evocative, entertaining and masterful.


Bibi Caspari is a personal development coach, a performance artist in mime, dance and movement, and an actress (Quest for Fire, Circle of Two and Sealed with a Kiss). She has performed internationally on stage, in television, in film and as a soloist with her company, Caspari and Company Mime Dance Theater. She has taught movement, mime and improvisation to children and adults, amateurs and professionals.

As a consultant in the personal development field, Bibi has taught presentation and communication skills to professionals and other business people. Her diverse professional background in personal development, production, writing and the performing arts has contributed to her experiential learning and broadened her perspective. Along with her studies in the movement arena, she has explored the human growth potential movement and personal development. These two areas came together in her teaching when she realized that people’s resistances kept them from learning.

Bibi began coaching her students in moving through their obstacles. She brought her knowledge of movement and personal development together in a workshop she called Body Image, which was about the body-mind connection, body language and personal presentation.

Based on her involvement in a think tank, studying the limitations and problems in traditional forms of education, Bibi founded Forward Step, a non-profit organization working to make personal development accessible to all. Her own experience in the transformational power and benefits of participatory learning inspired her to create Forward Step’s COMPASS program, an innovative personal development training for at-risk youth and adults, which she has facilitated in high schools, juvenile facilities, employment readiness programs, recovery programs and correctional facilities. As the founder of the COMPASS program, she was invited to share her passion and expertise at the 2012 TEDxConejo.

In her consulting practice, Bibi is committed to nurturing her clients’ growth to become more empowered and effective in reaching their goals and creating the lives that they want.