Bill Boyle

Bill’s workshops were not only immensely helpful, but inspiring as well. He always gives generously of his vast experience, talent, and insight. Every meeting with Bill further inspires my passion for this craft. He’s changed the way I look at screenwriting.

Lois Simmie

“Stealing Grandpa”

“A fully realized screenplay exhibits its story primarily through images: a “visual mindscape” told within the dramatic structure. This is why I believe that screenwriting is matchless as a form of storytelling. If done properly, the reader not only imagines the ‘other world’ you created, but becomes viscerally connected to it.” – Bill Boyle

Bill Boyle is an award winning screenwriter who has become one of the most popular script consultants in the industry. Creative Screenwriting Magazine rated him among the top 10% of screenwriting consultants. He lectures at universities and film schools throughout Canada and the United States, has taught at UCLA Extensions and is quickly gaining a worldwide following, with clients in North America, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

​Bill distinguishes himself from most of the other screenwriting gurus in that he also maintains a successful screenwriting career. Films based on his screenplays have received multiple awards and recognition including: Palm Springs Film Festival “Critics Choice” * Atlantic City Film Festival “Audience Choice” * Toronto Reel World Festival “Best Canadian Feature” * ACTRA nomination for Best Dramatic Writer * Canadian Film Awards Finalist * Recipient of the Harold Greenberg Fund * Chicago Film Festival Special Jury Nomination.

He is the lead proponent of a visual style of screenwriting called “The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay” and notes in his book The Visual Mindscape of the Screenplay (released in 2013) that the visual mindscape method “… allows the reader or viewer to ‘discover’ elements of the story rather than being told. By being able to actively participate in the unfolding of the story, the overall experience for the reader becomes a more visceral and luminous experience. I feel this is the true magic of the screenplay.”