Transform Your Story on a Mentor-Led Retreat

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Mia Terra Retreats produces handcrafted, story-based retreats for screenwriters, TV writers, novelists, playwrights, storytellers, directors, actors, creative souls – anyone who has a story to tell.

Our story-based retreats are designed to ignite your imagination and inspire joy. They’re handcrafted, each one unique, and strategically set in a location with specific activities meant to enhance our classes and workshops.

You’ll study with top industry professionals. Our mentors are award-winning, seasoned writers, directors and producers who provide instruction and guidance to help you grow both professionally and personally. They care about you, your work and your career.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Our Mission

We believe that, in order to change your world, you need to shake things up and get out of your comfort zone. It’s essential to experience new places, new cultures and new ideas so you can see the world through new eyes and craft the kind of joyous life you’d like to lead.

Where in the world do you want to go? Chances are, we’re planning to go there.

What’s your story? Come along with us and discover it.

Announcing a NEW PARTNERSHIP: Mia Terra Mar is a partnership between Diana Osberg of Mia Terra Retreats and Gary Purviance of Terra Mar Entertainment, focused on producing events for a world-wide audience to enlighten, inspire, create community, and build bridges for a New Earth.

Meet Diana Osberg

DianaOsbergSmallI’m Diana Osberg, owner and founder of Mia Terra Retreats. It seems that I was destined to be a storyteller, writer and healer. At four years old, I stepped on stage for the first time and performed the story of “Alice in Wonderland.” I played all the characters, using different voices, and got a standing ovation from my audience. At the age of five, I began to tell stories as a guest artist on a radio show called “The Children’s Corner.” Learn More.


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful workshop on the Visual Mindscape in screenwriting. I am already putting your teaching to use on the second draft of my screenplay ‘Swimming In December’. It has changed the whole tone and feel of the piece for the better. The information you presented in your workshop cracked open my whole concept of what a screenplay is and what it could be. The practical writing tools and devices you shared were extremely helpful. I enjoyed the day. It was intense getting all of that information at once but boy am I glad I did.

Hilary White